Компания Груп Тур Сервис. Гостиницы Санкт-Петербурга.
тел./факс: (812) 640-16-04
Спецпредложения ! ! ! Гостиницы Санкт-Петербурга. Бронирование гостиниц в Петербурге. Трансферы. Экскурсии. Спецпредложения ! ! !
Посуточная аренда квартир Санкт-петербурга. Отдых в Ленинградской области Гостиницы Москвы
Оплата гостиниц Санкт-Петербург по кредитной карте on-line - hotels reservation in Saint Petersburg.

On-line Payment by credit card is executed with the protected protocols of system of electronic payments -

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Return of means at refusal of booking is executed to the credit card of the payer not later than in three bank days from the date when received the notice in writing of refusal by fax or e-mail.

In case refusal of booking has occured more than 24 hours prior to a checkin time (12.00 АМ) of settling, the total amount will be given back to the payer.
In case refusal of booking has occured less than 24 hours prior to a checkin time of settling, daily payment of reserved number must be paid by the payer.

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тел/факс (812) 640-16-04

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